With the online MA in Economics from American University, you’ll gain hands-on policy analysis from a prestigious faculty of noted experts and finish your degree in as few as 20 months.

Make a measurable difference in your career with specialized skills to solve global economic challenges. The online Master of Arts (MA) in Economics from American University brings you real-world analysis from today’s most relevant scholars, think tanks, and international organizations.

Online MA in Economics Careers

An online MA in Economics from American University opens the door to leadership roles industry-wide. Qualify for career opportunities as an economist with the potential to increase your earning power and have the opportunity to make pivotal economic decisions locally, nationally or globally.


  • Study a robust curriculum taught by experienced faculty who understand the most relevant issues facing local, regional, and global economies. 
  • Learn proven economics principles and study the same statistical software used in applied economics research. 
  • The knowledge you gain is crucial in leading successful economic decision making, such as interpreting, explaining and acting on the results of economic models, and utilizing econometric research as a problem-solving tool. 

This online MA in Economics program consists of 10 courses (30 credits), each eight weeks long, and concludes with a capstone course allowing you to implement everything you’ve learned. You will have the option to take up to 6 credit hours of economics coursework on campus or complete the entire program online.

Sarah Crane, Economist, Moody's Analytics

"One of the biggest benefits to going through a program like American’s MA in Applied Economics is that it teaches you how to analyze the world around you, how to interpret numbers, and the way that they typically will act together and react to each other. You can use the quantitative programming skills that you learn in order to predict outcomes and prepare projects for the clients that you'll be working with."