Agile is an established methodology used to cope with change and uncertainty. It is increasingly popular in product development and project management across many industry sectors to enhance organizational effectiveness. American University’s online MS in Agile Project Management is one of the few master’s degrees available today that focuses specifically on the Agile methodology. You will graduate ready to manage projects and to lead and empower collaborative teams using this essential, forward-looking approach.

Beginning Fall 2018, American University's School of Professional & Extended Studies' professionally aligned online master's will be offered at a new tuition rate.

Innovative Curriculum

This flexible, fully online program was designed with input from leading and respected IT and project management professionals. It will give you the professional skills to lead the development of innovative solutions as an Agile project manager.

In this 20-month, 30-credit degree, you will:

  • Develop a project management life cycle for enterprises, programs and/or projects relevant to their risk and volatility and engage multiple stakeholders across the enterprise.
  • Execute adaptive project management including planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing using a blend of methodologies and integrated approaches.
  • Compare project management techniques (especially project planning, project communications, cost and schedule estimation and control, contracting, and risk and quality analyses) using traditional plan-driven and nontraditional value-driven approaches.
  • Evaluate and use advanced tools for project cost estimation and control, task scheduling, tracking, and templates for project management communication.
  • Assess and create the strategic planning and governance applicable to large and smaller projects and programs.
  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge and practice of ethics and professional responsibility.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership, communication, and change skills for managing projects, project teams, and stakeholders.

Success in the workplace requires more than possessing relevant knowledge. You must also know how to communicate your ideas, work with teams, make ethical decisions, think critically, and demonstrate cross-cultural competence. To ensure our graduates learn these skills - and more - our online MS in Agile Project Management program was designed with the input of an advisory council comprised of industry experts using a unique curriculum structure called the Professional Studies Experience (PSE). The four-phase curriculum model, or framework, blends professionally aligned advanced training and workplace skill-building with the standard course work required of your Agile Project Management degree.

Featured Courses

  • Adaptive Project Management Principles
  • Agile Solutions and Risk Management
  • Project Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Agile Project Management Capstone

Explore Project Management Careers

This degree positions you to lead projects in innovative and emerging organizations. Take advantage of a strong job market that includes more than 4.5 million positions available to individuals with a master’s degree in project management.1

Job Title Median Pay2
IT Senior Project Manager $110,702
IT Project Manager $84,725
Senior Business Analyst $82,406
Project Manager $70,496

Certificate Available

American University also offers a 12-credit online Graduate Certificate in Agile Project ManagementGraduate Certificate in Agile Project Management. The program consists of four core and field/professional courses from the MS in Agile Project Management which you can later apply towards the full Master’s.

"One thing that we pride ourselves on as the School of Professional and Extended Studies is that all of the courses, from the introductory course all the way through the capstone, are applicable. All of these courses are very hands on. They require students to not only learn new concepts and skills, but apply them."

- Stephanie Schott, Assistant Dean for Online Learning