Drive wellness programs, create benefit portals, and engage employees at a higher rate with skills in human resource data analytics and emergent technology. American University’s new, MS in Human Resource Analytics and Management degree is 100 percent online and specifically developed to address the critical challenges today’s HR professionals face to increase organizational effectiveness using the latest in HR technologies.

During this unprecedented time, American University remains committed to help and prepare our students to meet their career goals and support the education of HR professionals. Now more than ever, with challenges and critical decisions to be made throughout organizations and businesses, HR professionals will be prepared to navigate changes and disruptions and lead organizational effectiveness.

Application fee waivers now available for applicants that complete their application file within three weeks.

HR professionals are now reliant on technology to interact with employees and handle processes—a transformation in delivery services referred to as e-HR—which require a new skill set and an urgent change in how they manage their roles.

Dr. Robert D. Stokes, Program Director

"As organizations have evolved, the role of Human Resources has moved from a focus on activities and transactions to a proactive, involved business partner. To lead the graduate program in Human Resource Analytics and Management at American University is an exciting and attractive opportunity for me. This program is unique with its focus on increasing organization performance through a focus on effectiveness, efficiency and impact in all human resource functions."