Analytics and evaluative technologies are transforming organizations and their income streams across every sector of the sports industry. American University's online MS in Sports Analytics and Management will equip you to become a strategic sports manager with the skills needed to measure the impact that emerging technologies are having on sports organizations and society, which is becoming more important during a pandemic.

In addition to meeting the urgent need for sports managers who understand analytics and technology, this degree gives you a broad range of professional knowledge, as well as industry expertise. You'll graduate prepared to pursue professional sports opportunities in areas such as performance data analytics, social media, interactive spectatorship, mobile technology, fantasy sports, e-sports gaming and virtual reality.

With communities staying at home and prompting the surge of e-sports gaming, American University is committed to continuing to help and prepare our students to meet their career goals and support the education of Sports Managers during this unprecedented time and for the future increase of outdoor and communal activity.

Application fee waivers now available for applicants that complete their application file within three weeks.

Innovative Curriculum

In this 20-month, 30-credit online program, you will:

  • Assess emerging trends in the sports industry and the impacts of changing technologies on sports and society
  • Learn how to make ethical and strategic decisions that improve relationships with sports agencies, clients and the community
  • Build leadership and communication skills that establish intercultural and agency/client/stakeholder relationships
  • Examine and demonstrate the appropriate use of data evaluation and analysis tools
  • Create strategies for improving the outreach of sports organizations and a business plan that engages a target audience

Success in the workplace requires more than possessing relevant knowledge. You must also know how to communicate your ideas, work with teams, make ethical decisions, think critically and demonstrate cross-cultural competence. To ensure our graduates learn these skills―and more―our online MS in Sports Analytics and Management program was designed with the input of an advisory council comprised of industry experts using a unique curriculum structure called the Professional Studies Experience (PSE). The four-phase curriculum model blends professionally aligned advanced training and workplace skill-building with the standard coursework required of your Sports Analytics and Management degree.

Featured Courses

  • Strategic Management of Sports Organizations
  • Client Communications & Professional Consulting
  • Sports Analytics & Social Engagement
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Sports Analytics & Management Capstone

Career Opportunities

When you study at American University, you also benefit from superior academic rigor and networking opportunities. In fact, 92 percent of graduate degree holders find jobs or go on to further studies. This degree will prepare you for employment in the dynamic and rapidly evolving business of sports, a $500 billion enterprise1 that grew by 12.4 percent from 2010 to 2014 alone.2

American University's MS in Sports Analytics and Management is in a unique position to prepare you for these opportunities. Our experiential, project-focused program was designed by current sports professionals with more than 20 years of industry experience and incorporates input from a council of professionals from large sports organizations including ESPN and Ketchum Sports and Entertainment (KSE).

“The importance of data analytics and technology implementation is shifting the focus of the sports landscape towards a series of individual enterprises, beyond the traditional stakeholders - teams, leagues, players, agents, sponsors, media and broadcasters."

- Ryan Kuehl, Under Armour, Advisory Council